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Welcome to Clear and Shine 'the gutter cleaning specialists'

We are a specialist gutter cleaning company that has been cleaning gutters since 2007, We clean gutters that's what we do!

We clean gutters in two ways (depending on the property) either by hand or using the industrial gutter vacuum. Either way we clear them to a high standard and that's why we have our outstanding reputation in the local area.

Scroll down below to see some of our over 500 reviews from our customers.

Do we cover your area?


Yes, If you have stumbled upon this webpage through search engine, seen our van about, received one of our leaflets, responded to our social media promotions or by other means then yes we do.

How to get a quote?

Please scroll down to bottom of the page, Fill out our contact form and we will be back to you sameday to give you a quote. (We use google software to see size of property to price the job instantly) Alternatively you can give us a call or send a text message and we will call you.

The Advantages Of Using The Gutter Vac:

  • The gutter vacuum is an industrial powerful machine that is designed to clean gutters.

  • It carbon fibre extension poles reach gutter heights up to 40ft

  • Very affordable price.

  • Access hard to reach gutters that ladders cannot (over conservatories, extensions etc)

  • Its powerful 3 motors can suck out even the most stubborn blockages 

  • Inspection camera ensure that your gutters are being cleaned before/during/after

  • No mess! we take all gutter debris with us to dispose of.

  • No damage to your home that ladders can often cause.

Get A Same Day Quote

Call Us: 07949437681


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and postcode.


We will get back to you with a quote. 07949437681 (out of hours texts


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